Getting started

To start using GitRunners you just need to change your jobs.[job-name].runs-on property in the workflow files:

runs-on: gitrunners-ubuntu-2204-x64-2vcpu

GitRunners allows you to use different kind of runners to match your use-cases. To select the operating system, number of virtual CPUs or hardware architecture you can simply change the label replacing ubuntu-2204 with the OS of your choice, 2vcpu with the amount of CPU required by your job and x64 with e.g. arm64.
Please check the following sections to know the available options.


# Ubuntu 20.04 on 8 cores with x64 architecture
runs-on: gitrunners-ubuntu-2004-x64-8vcpu

# Ubuntu 22.04 on 4 cores with arm64 architecture
runs-on: gitrunners-ubuntu-2204-arm64-4vcpu

OS selection

GitRunners currently support the following OS images:

Label ValueSupported ArchitectureOS
ubuntu-2204x64, arm64Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
ubuntu-2004x64Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
windows-2022x64Windows Server 2022
windows-2019x64Windows Server 2019

If you need more images, please contact support.

CPU/RAM selection

You can customize the CPU/RAM of the runner by setting the right value on the runs-on property:

Label ValuevCPUsRAM

1vcpu on x64 actually exposes 2 OS-level CPU cores but only uses 50% of the core capacity. 1vcpu is only supported for Linux runners.

For instance, if you want to use the 8 vCPUs runner you just need to use the following line:

runs-on: gitrunners-ubuntu-2204-x64-8vcpu

If you would like to explore other CPU/RAM selections, please contact support.

Hardware architecture selection

GitRunners currently provides x64 and arm64 runners. If you need to run your jobs on different architectures, please contact support.

Available software

GitRunners images are based on the images used by Github managed runners and we do a best-effort to keep them aligned. Github doesn't support ARM64 architecture though, in this case some software is not available (e.g. Edge/Chrome drivers).

Wrong labels and typos

The label list in the runs-on property might have typos or unsupported combinations.

If any error is detected in the label list, GitRunners silently fails. You can detect these errors when the job remains queued for a very long time. Jobs queued for more than 24h eventually fail.