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Speed up Github Actions. Cost-effective performance runners.

Change one line of code and run your CI/CD and MLOps workflows on managed performance runners with support for x64 and ARM64 architectures.

Free trial minutes available · No credit card required

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Transistor Reform Tuple SavvyCal

Managed Runners for GitHub Actions

Identify slow workflows and make them faster with ease

Hassle-free GitHub integration

Get started in minutes by one line of code in your workflows YAMLs. Refer to the documentation for more details.

Faster and cost-effective runs

Dedicated hardware at competitive rates, with support for x64 and ARM64, VM in VM, and flexible core and memory options.

Workflow performance metrics

Get performance metrics for all your workflows. See how long they take to run, how many times they fail, and more.

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Pay As You Go

Pay only for the minutes used by your Github Action jobs, whether they run on x64 or ARM64. Our pricing is the same for both architectures.

Starting from
$0.0032 / min
x64 / ARM64
RAM Price / min
Price / min
1 4 GB $0.0032 N/A
2 8 GB $0.0064 $0.0128
4 16 GB $0.0128 $0.0256
8 32 GB $0.0256 $0.0512
16 64 GB $0.0512 $0.1024
32 128 GB $0.1024 $0.2048

Enjoy faster runs at reduced cost. Free trial minutes included.